Monday, July 5, 2010

Maybe These Are the Words

LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA.  This new blog is still a work in progress.  The title is right. The subtitle seems to be the one that needs to be there.  The hat graphic on the right seems okay.  But the writer is still not sure whether he will be able to focus on a content in the articles that will mean something to those for whom this blog is being written.

One part of the audience is his family of course, the immediate as well as the extended parts of that group of loved ones. Another part of the reader audience are members of an email discussion list that is focused on personal faith and how to live the Christian life. This is also the subject matter of a smaller discussion list, another small group of family and friends that is part of the audience but in a more personal and private way. One more group in the audience are members of a discussion list who are Vietnam veterans, fellow brothers who wore the same uniform in the same battalion in Southeast Asia, who will somehow always try to stay connected with each other.  The final group in this blog audience are high school classmates, those he grew up with back in the day and to whom he is also trying to stay connected.

You love them all in some way.  Your heart is maybe trying to be too big but then that's kind of the way that you've always been.  You have moved from place to place all of your life.  You have known so many and the memories are so rich.  You somehow want to reach out to all of them and just say thank you, but your way of saying thanks has just somehow never been quite enough in the past.

So, you remember each one.  You remember what you have learned from them. You know from your personal faith that ALL of them were created in the image of God.  Part of all of them has somehow become part of who you are.  So you try to live a life that somehow has all of those blessings that God has bestowed on you through them all wrapped up inside your heart and mind.  The blessings keep coming because God in His grace has not turned off the Fountain.  Every day is still an adventure where new and different relationships are still a reality.

So, you turn back around.  You share back with them what life means to you, what symphony is being played out in your life, what splenderous landscape is being painted before your eyes, what words and sentences and paragraphs and stories come to your mind that illustrate the joy and the truth and the love of life every day.

Then maybe you change the title of the article in the blog for this time from "Looking for the Words" to "Maybe These Are the Words."  Then you also add, "Maybe...just maybe, there will be more words to come."  Then you go home and eat lunch :-)

Oh yes...hello audience...since this blog is for you, what would YOU like to see here? :-)

Love ya'll,

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